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Who We Are is specialized in creating and managing cybersecurity Capture the Flag events and training. 

Based in Dubai, our team is highly experienced in creating and managing online and on-site Capture the Flag events. In addition, our team provides hands-on CTF training and workshops.

Our mission is to deliver Capture the Flag events that are rich with powerful content and fresh cybersecurity topics to sharpen the skills of the audience.

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Our Services

Host Online CTF offers custom Capture the Flag events for companies, conferences, and enterprises. Online capture the flag events allow the participants to learn cybersecurity by solving hands-on challenges. We build you a custom CTF event tailored for your audience. Our team provides the platform, infrastructure, challenges, support, and maintenance. In addition, we create a custom theme and a storyline for the challenges to fit the theme of your event.


Host On-Site CTF offers a unique Capture the Flag experience for on-site events. We build you a custom CTF event tailored for your audience. In addition, we set up our audio and visual effects that get triggered with the progress of the competitors to add a touch of excitement to the event. Our team provides the platform, infrastructure, challenges, support, and maintenance.


CTF Workshop offers practical, hands-on capture-the-flag training for your team. We create a custom training program for your team to sharpen their skills and develop their problem-solving skills, whether your audience is absolute beginners, students, or professionals.

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Past Events

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Dubai Police CTF 2020

An official CTF from Dubai Police to the UAE info-sec community!
The competition witnessed 340+ players solving 25 challenges over various info-sec categories.

Upcoming Events

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Our Sponsor



Malcrove is the official and exclusive sponsor of Malcrove is a Cybersecurity services provider for government entities in the United Arab Emirates. Malcrove is available to help out when you pursue a higher cyber defense maturity level or experience an increased risk of threat actors. 

Malcrove offers the capability to assist you with effective Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), and malware analysis. This service delivery entails the investigation of malware infections like ransomware attacks and advanced compromise assessments.

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Our Partners


Hackers Academy

Hackers Academy is a leading cybersecurity training and courses provider in the middle-east. They aim to provide high-quality courses for students and beginners that are passionate to learn. In partnership with our team, Hackers Academy hosts capture the flag events to assess various cybersecurity skills of their students in a safe and competitive environment.


Offensive Bits

Offensive Bits is a cybersecurity consultancy company based in Dubai. They actively contribute to the cybersecurity community in UAE and the middle-east by reporting critical security issues and zero-day vulnerabilities to government entities, federal authorities, and affected vendors. In collaboration with our team, Offensive Bits hosts internal capture the flag events for government entities and local authorities.

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